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Friday, April 22, 2011

And the Badly Ugly

The bad and ugly...... . Yet another animal cruelty video has emerged. Many of these have turned out to be mostly staged with lots of creative editing.... but this one sounds worse than any others so far.

I am not going to watch it. We are thousands of miles away from the scene and my heart does not want to feel the pain it would engender. When I think of the dozens of calves that have begun their lives on my kitchen hot air register.....Scotty, beautiful Moments, who is now one of our best cows, lots of other Jersey babies and a few Holsteins and Shorthorns too, it makes me sick to think of this other way of doing things....However a large number of excellent farm bloggers have watched it and shared their feelings.

Ray Prock has compiled over thirty of them here.

My feelings are that I am glad that these b****rds DON'T live right next door. A taste of their own medicine might not be excessive.

There is ugliness behind the scenes in a lot of human places. This is another one I guess.


joated said...

I did click through to view the entire story. "Ugly" is too kind a word to describe what the people(?) at that west Texas dairy farm were doing. When an animal must be put down or slaughtered there's a proper way to do it so as to minimize the suffering the animal experiences. This was not the right way in today's world.

threecollie said...

Joated, it is not like you can't buy a gun in Texas.