Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going, Going, Yeah, it is Gone

The elderberry crisp.....of course there are a lot more elderberries in the freezer in the cellar...don't tell....


Rev. Paul said...

Okay, that's just cruel. Now I know how y'all feel when I post pics of my daughter's meals.

Man! that looks good.

Cathy said...

Oh . . . . . I get to be the first to say . . I'm posistively drooling :)

Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted to taste elderberries. They look yummy in your cobbler!


lisa said...

MMMMM, I will be right over before it is gone!

joated said...

Looks good. And just like a blueberry crisp.

Dani said...

Shamy is doing pies for the upcoming(the 28th) Dim Sum Sunday you should play along with us.

Linda said...

I'd love to try elderberries too. I do something like that with raspberries.

Floridacracker said...

I bet the vanilla ice cream is gone too. It's known to travel in packs with crisps.

Terry and Linda said...


The baby Black Swann has arrived!!!!


threecollie said...

Sorry Paul...if it helps any, it is gone completely.

Cathy, we need to make more. lol

Linda, they are rather bitter without adulteration, but fun to adulterate.

Lisa...too late....lol

Joated, thanks, tasted a lot like blueberry, only crunchier because of the seeds

Dani, I will have to look...I was wondering what was involved. Thanks

Linda, mmmmm, raspberries...I love them!

FC, see, I knew you were a scientist, and sure enough you are right.

Linda, thanks! I have to go see!