Thursday, August 04, 2011

Housekeeping Triage

Or how I spent my day.

I was in hot pursuit of the Farm Side deadline, (which I never did make, sorry boss), writing about apples, which I love, and having a grand old time.

Phone rang. Unknown name. Unknown number. Almost didn't answer.

But I did. Yowsa. Complete strangers wanted to visit and take photos for reasons I will let you in on later.

I am probably not the world's worst housekeeper, but I'll bet I could hold my own against some pretty serious competition. (One reason I keep border collies is to herd the dust bunnies.)

I cleaned.

Emergency style. However, the first visitor arrived well before I accomplished anything of note. Thus there are photos floating around somewhere of the dining room table weighted down until its poor oak legs cringe with half of NFO's national paperwork (I swear) because Liz stores it there. Photos of curling wall paper, and the boss's giant piles of newspapers and farm magazines.

Pics of clutter, clutter, clutter, two families, the boss's folks and us, worth of accumulated what not and who knows what not. Not neat that's for sure. Argggghhhh......

Visitor number one left, with visitor number two still in the offing. Liz came home and pitched in like only a young person who does not have a broken foot can. We dusted, we swept, we shifted junk from one place to another. I boiled some vanilla and cinnamon on the stove to try to cover up the pervasive aroma of dairy air, which I am sure city folks notice when they stop by.

Visitor number two arrived, camera in hand, and took pictures of even more places, including our bedroom, which is neat but dusty.

Alas, all our labors were probably for naught. The Thruway is too noisy. The trains are too noisy. Noisy, noisy, noisy.

Tis true dat. They are annoying as all get out, and supply a constant susurrus, often ramping up to din, of horns and tires and engines and Jake brakes and train whistles, day and night.

When we know for sure (if we ever do) I will tell you who our visitors were and what they wanted. I'll bet you will be almost as surprised as I was.

Meanwhile the house looks half way decent, so if you want to stop, by give me a call. I'll put the vanilla and cinnamon on to boil and brew up some instant coffee. Maybe even some cookies?


joated said...

Now I can't be sure but I can guess from your hints about too much noise...some film crew is looking for a locale for a show/movie set.

Saw some of this in New Jersey and one of the wife's cousins' son builds sets for the industry.

Generally speaking, there's no telling what they really like.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I would love to stop by! :)

Unfortunately triage is the only form our housekeeping takes this time of year. My dad is coming for a visit Saturday, so I guess we'll have a clean-ish house for a couple of days!

Anonymous said...

My house has the same problems. There is no enough time in summer for everything with the garden and it's produce and the mowing etc.

Amish Stories said...

Greetings, and im glad i was able to find a blog from a dairy farm. Richard from Amish Stories.

Broken Barn Industries said...

I have those fancy dog hair-grass clipping-dust bunny edges along my walls. Maintenance free, I swear!

Dani said...

GAH! I was at my girlfriends house yesterday and her house was so darn clean and tidy.
Wish mine was like that, but I'd much rather go outside and play than

Linda said...

I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall to watch the cleaning might have been a deadly choice though;) I understand and end up doing the same thing when someone calls......often they just show up and learn the real me:(

Jan said...

I'm guessing set for a movie or TV pilot.

My system for housecleaning is to have a party. Everyone pitches in so people won't see the way we really live.

The Stonehedge Farm said...

I hear ya about cleaning the house and LOVE the idea about putting the cow magnets on the fridge! (duh) we should have thought of that! We always misplace them and have to run out to CT to buy more!
Love reading your blog.

threecollie said...

Joated, you were right...see today's post

RM, please do! Would love to meet you. And the same here on housework. I pick away at it each day but am out numbered four to pets. lol

Anon, so many more interesting things to do then push a vacuum cleaner around for hours.

Amish Stories, hello Richard and welcome!

BBI, folks just don't appreciate good decor. lol It isn't quite as bad here now with only one dog and one cat indoors, but still.....

Dani, your house...and yard...are gorgeous!

Linda, believe it or not it was all kind of very random and off the wall to have something like that happen.

Jan, movie, but doesn't look like they are going to choose our place. I like the party idea. Sure would take a BIG party to get this place done. lol

Stonehedge, thanks!And thanks for visiting and commenting. We keep magnets on the hot water heater in the barn too. We bought some hay that was contaminated with bits of metal last winter and lost a really good young cow because of it, despite magnets and everything our vet could do. Heartbreaking.