Thursday, May 03, 2012


Hi, my name is Hezekiah Yoder. (Not only am I a garden gnome, I am an Amish garden gnome.) 

And the kids in this family are BRATS, brats I tell you. They bought me for the lady of the house who just happens to hate garden gnomes. (She thinks they are kinda creepy like Mickey Mouse and clowns, not sweetly tacky like pink plastic flamingos.)

Anyhow, even though they showed me to her when I came home last night, and warned her that she was going to be surprised by my grinning countenance when I showed up all unexpected, she brayed like a jackass when she opened the microwave this morning to make coffee.

It was great! The boss came running out of the living room to see what was wrong and she almost fell on the floor laughing.

However, there is a certain irony in all this as the perpetrator of the crime and purchaser of moi was out turkey hunting with his buddy and missed all the hysteria. 

I wonder where they are going to hide me next.


Dani said...

Your kids are great! bawahahahaha

joated said...

LMAO! Nice!

(Take care Hezekiah. Keep an eye out for pitchforks, sledge hammers, and shotguns!)

Rev. Paul said...

That's funny, right there. :)

Jan said...

I think I might have had an accident of the bladder variety.

Linda said...

If I were you.....I'd get even!

Floridacracker said...

Winding up in the microwave could be a bad "gnomen".

threecollie said...

Dani, I do love them

Joated, the latter is most likely. the little stinker greeted me from the inside of the screen door this morning...perched on the crosspiece and staring me right in the eye when I let the dog out. Now he is stuffed way down in the leg of a certain individual's work

Rev. Paul, I do despise gnomes, but I had to laugh

Jan, it was indeed a close call. lol

Linda, somehow, some day, I am going to...but they are so much more creative than I am. lol

FC, I am afraid so. Little Gnomeo is going to get thrown off the balcony if he isn't careful lol

Cathy said...

You all do have fun. And I am SO WITH YOU.
Nobody hates clowns like I do. They creep me out.

I just hope you'll be able to photograph the next place he shows up. Get out the Tidy Bowl. :-D