Monday, September 03, 2012

Truck Pull

Entirely by accident I attended my first truck pull yesterday. Becky and I volunteered for our annual four-hour shift in the dairy promotion booth and Alan was my chauffeur. When we were finished he was still at the pull so I joined him to wait for a ride home.

It was surprisingly entertaining. I have been to a couple of tractor pulls and they are vividly exciting, but so absurdly loud as to leave folks with any respect for their hearing running for the hills with their hands clapped over their ears.

Since I hope to continue to be able to hear the birds around me, I refrain from partaking.

However, we watched one class of trucks and a couple of exhibition tractors and it was kind of fun. 

***If you haven't made it to the fair yet, this is the last day. The open draft horse show is on and is always a thriller. There is nothing quite like those gigantic horses thundering around the arena for excitement and fun. Not sure yet if I am going to make it, but go if you can; you'll have fun.


Terry and Linda said...

Nothing better than a LOUD tractor and truck pull!


Cathy said...

Whoa! You are so right about tractor pulls! Only went to one and had my fingers in my ears for the duration. Yep! I'm already losing the high-pitch notes of black-poll and wax wings.

You can hear them during the Loudonville fair - all the way across the valley and up on the hill from my brother's porch. The tractors - that is. Not those birds :)

threecollie said...

Linda, I enjoy them from my living room, a mile and a river away. lol. this is the first time I have gone over tractor pull day in years.

Cathy, way too loud. My step son brings a lot of ear plugs to share and Alan has kept up that tradition, but, but, it seems as if they will break your skull, ear plugs or no. lol