Monday, October 22, 2012

Late October

Leaves play in the breeze, one last frolic before fertilizer. Their dance echoes each eddy and lays it out for all to see....air outlined in flying colors, samaras swirling and twirling in a seedy sort of swift ballet.

Blackbirds bolt north like compass needles, flock upon flock upon flock of them, bent on business, hurry, hurry.

Are they lost I wonder? They straggle by all morning, all headed north, all flying fast and furiously. I think maybe somebody on the other side of the river has a big corn field that has not been harvested yet.

 Why else defy the natural scheme of things and fly in the wrong direction? If every one of them eats fifty kernels there is going to be a lot of corn heading south to roost this afternoon.

A spit of snow snarls across the sunshine, a curtain of smokey cloud cools the sky.

The wind is a tangible solid, scented with melted leaves, strong with the colding North, good to breath and bracing, but sharp with the threat of winter..

It is an exhilarating day, but shiverish and shaky. 

The last time I was ready for winter I think I was about ten and had a pair of wooden skis with leather strap bindings we snagged out of the antique shop and wanted to try out. They were awful, btw ruining me forever for sports involving fluffy frozen water droplets and elevated places on the earth.

Nowadays the advance of adversity is given the treatment it deserves, respect and grudging acceptance, but not much joy.


Dani said...

It's always a joy reading your posts. Such a wonderful talent you have with words.

Woodswalker said...

Sheer poetry! I love how your words put a name to wonder -- and maybe a little dread, too. I can certainly understand how winter brings heavy burdens to dairy farmers.

lisa said...

I love to read what you write when you post like today. You sure do have a way with words.

Rev. Paul said...

Good words & wonderful pictures. I do enjoy seeing color (from elsewhere) while our trees are bare, as they will remain so until May or June. On they other hand, we have 11 degrees & it's snowed three times already. Strange how that doesn't generate the same emotional response as your lovely foliage. :^)

Jeffro said...

What a nice way to say you hate winter! Don't feel like the Lone Stranger here - respect, yes, love, NO!

Terry and Linda said...

You need to write a book...tell the story of something because your writing is amazing. I always love how your start your post for I know something wonderful is there for me to read.


Floridacracker said...

Damn, I like this post!
Excellent 3Collie!

threecollie said...

Dani, thank you so much good friend. Hope you are feeling all right

WW, thank you for your kind words. If we could just have a year where we had enough feed going into the cold....and if I wasn't laid low by the darkness and short days. Ah, well, spring will be all the sweeter when it comes

Lisa, thank you. Sunday morning showed me so much that was lovely....

Rev. Paul, as I said...I used to think I would like Alaska, but after getting to know your world as you share it, I know I am far too faint of heart for such stuff. lol

Jeffro, winter is not the friend of the SAD afflicted. Add mud and snow and a house that can just barely be kept warm. Argghhhhh! But spring will come, it says here in fine print. lol

Linda, thank you. I actually have written one. It sits in a notebook on the book case awaiting....well, I guess it is awaiting

FC, coming from you those words mean a lot. Thanks!

Cathy said...

How did I miss this! ?

I have to read it again for my favorite line . . .

You are so 'present' to your world Marianne.

Cathy said...


Your use of 'melted leaves' . . . impossible, but so right . .

And the line that stood my senses on end: 'Blackbirds bolt north like compass needles . . '

Interesting about poetry. So few can write it . . . but we know when we're encountering it. It's a gift.

threecollie said...

cathy, thank you! I think I notice because my world is so circumscribed by needing to be here for the cattle and the boss. There is so much in this small circle....including your kind words, which mean a world to me.