Saturday, October 20, 2012

Listening to the Rain

Can be nice sometimes, at camp on a lazy afternoon. On a Sunday when there are no crops waiting.

I don't like it much when there is haylage to bring in and cows in the mud though. It just makes everything a misery.

Yesterday it poured. It showered. It drizzled. It gloomed and grumped and grizzled.

It was still dripping when I got up this morning and I was dreading another dumpy day, but by the time old Sol arose the rain was gone, and although everything is wet, it all  shiny and pretty too.

Alas, sad news has come our way from several sources.....when you get to be our age it gets to be that way.


Rev. Paul said...

I'm glad the rain let up, even if the sunshine brought sad news.

Woodswalker said...

And now it's raining again (2:30pm)! Sorry to hear about your bad news

rose said...

Do you mean sad news about Hugh?

rose said...

The sad news,do you mean about Hugh's passing?

Jeffro said...

Unfortunately our compadres are ageing as well.....

threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, it was a very beautiful day and tonight is nice too.

WW, we caught a break today for which I am very thankful

Rose, yes, Hugh and another friend from my childhood as well. Hadn't seen him since I was in my teens, but fond memories. Pretty sad day.

Jeffro, that is all too true.

Caroline said...

Hearing rain on the roof would be heavenly out here in the dry prairie.

Terry and Linda said...

Sorry about the sad news...sorry.

You guys look extremely wet...ugh. I love the rain, but not in river size amounts.


Cathy said...

That last picture is particularly fine . .

. . and you're right about the aging thing. I stumbled across my class of '64 photos yesterday and frankly, was dumfounded - at the impossibly young faces . . and how many are gone. My dearest friend among them.

Wishing you sunshine and smiles between the showers.

threecollie said...

Caroline, why can't we send this where it is needed? I always wonder

Linda, so soggy. I am sick of mud

Cathy, the boss lost a friend and I lost a long ago friend from school days the same week. Enough to make you sit up and take notice. Thanks for the kind words and the same to you and Keith.