Friday, October 12, 2012

National Farmers Day


Is today. We are celebrating in the usual way...we're farming.

Boss is debating on trying to chop sorghum this afternoon. We have had a lot of rain lately. It is so muddy that he could wind up stuck and do more harm than good. 

It was so darned dry all summer it really didn't get a start and is very short, so he has to weight the risks against potential benefit. A hard freeze is predicted for tonight. You can't feed it for a while after a frost, as it develops toxins that will kill cows, so it's now or much later, or possibly even never. Hate to lose the investment in seed and planting, but also hate to bury tractors. 

It's good stuff though and I sure would like to see how the girls would milk if they got some along with their thrice-daily feedings of green chopped grass.

Anyhow, happy Farmers Day to you all. 


Rev. Paul said...

Happy Farmers' Day to you, too - you inspire us with your determination to make things successful despite gummint meddling.

Cathy said...

Happy Farmer's Day!

Yes, TC, I've noted the rain pattern in your neck of the woods. . our son just drove form NH and through your neighborhood last Friday . . .for sure - you've had plenty of rain.

Terry and Linda said...

I didn't know that about sorghum... so very little of it is grown here.

Love that cow photo...wish I could pet her!


The Dancing Donkey said...

Happy Farmer's Day!

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, thank you sir!

Cathy, thanks. I hear that a lot of folks are still low in pond water and wells. For us, we are deep in mud and mired in misery but I guess we should whine. At least we have water.

Linda, thanks, she is a wild one. We have been trying to get her in the barn for a bit and haven't managed so far.