Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Can See

Baby brother and his wife cooking at the wedding.

Why so many longtime farm and ranch bloggers have slowed down or stopped lately. There is just so much to do each and every day as we segue into fall and winter that there is barely time to think.

Got to clean the milk house for one thing...a never-ending job, but the inspector is due so it has to be better than usual. The last few plants need to come in before Friday night when a hard freeze is predicted. The suet feeder needs to be filled. Barn cats sure are eager for breakfast this time of year. The door is heavy when opened with big green eyes peering through the screen as they look in urgently.

It's tax time at least here in NY. Scrambling to come up with that pound of flesh, moving stock, dealing with new calves and new mothers, shortened days, getting the heat working properly, selling that big old bull, it never seems to stop. Yesterday the yard was awash in birds again and I couldn't even find time to go out with the camera. I think I've taken about five photos since last week when we went to the cemetery. And they are still in the camera.

Poetry and meaningful prose will be in abeyance until things slow down I guess....they will I think....slow down that is.

Meanwhile, I'll post when I can. Take care.


Dani said...

((hugs)) You must be so bone tired my friend.

Rev. Paul said...

Just remember to take care of yourself, and the rest will work itself out.

Cathy said...

Let me second Dani and Rev. Paul.

I understand. Fatigue . . exhaustion . . there's nothing left to lift the wordsmith's kite.

But your heart is still recording.

We can wait for the words :)