Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

Well, no not me, but a certain young man whose company we are much enjoying.....

Came home the other night from a visit to the home of his delightful girl friend.

Walked up on the porch with a happy heart.

Said hi to Simon, the black and white cat from over to the barn, who was canoodling around under the stone sink next to the freezer.

Made it all the way into the house before doing a double take and looking behind him.....something about Simon just wasn't quite right.

Because "Simon" was of the clan mustelidae, not so much the family felidae.

He closed the door quickly and quietly behind him and went on to bed, a wiser and very grateful young man.

When he told me about it the next day I was very grateful too. Some years ago, heck, some decades, both his late grandpa and my late dog, Two Bears, made the precise same mistake.

Only that particular Simon wasn't quite as understanding. Grandpa wasn't really good company for a while, the dog was a pariah for months, and the door still emits a funky fume in hot, wet weather....

Talk about lucky!

You'll be glad to know Jade came through surgery all right, although he is still in considerable discomfort. And Aunt Ann was able to chat with the boss yesterday when he went to visit, which isn't much short of a very welcome miracle. Thanks for your support and prayers!


NumberWise said...

Lots of good news this morning! The sun is shining, and the forecast says we'll get into the 40s all week. I'm glad both Aunt Ann and Jade are on the mend.

Cathy said...

First. You make me smile . . for the good news and then - the way you can spin a really good yarn . . . the yarn about which I have to say "No Way!"

lisa said...

Sounds like thing are good up on that hill! Glad the son is home safe and sound for a while. Wonderful news on the Aunt too!

Terry and Linda said...


WHEW! He was lucky! I'm also glad to hear about those you love doing much better!


threecollie said...

NW, and today a woodcock. I was wishing you were here.

Cathy, yup, it was true...and fortunately funny instead of horrible.

Lisa, not so good again today, alas, she is not doing well again,

Linda, thanks