Thursday, July 04, 2013

God Bless the USA

Even though many of her children would like to stuff her in a second-rate nursing home and have forgotten all that she has done for us, she is still the greatest. I hope we can keep her that way.

Stay strong.

I thank her for sharing her birthday with me so many years. 22265 days worth if you leave out all those leap years.

Gotta share a little spooky with you from last night. We were sitting around in our chairs virtually comatose after supper. The boss got the chopper buried in the mud and had to run up county for some baled hay. And I made jam. By the time he got back and Becky and he and I finished milking and feeding it was ninish or later. Still had to brown up some hot dogs for supper.

Needless to say we were pooped. Alan was on his way home with an early birthday gift, which btw was perfect. Fishing tackle is always a safe way to my heart. Rapalas, a new pole...mine was broken in the car returning from camp last year...some bobbers, hooks, and swivels. Plus nice cards he and his lovely girl friend picked out.

All was calm. Then suddenly a weird, jingling crash rang out. The dog went nuts. We all began exclaiming, "What was that!?!?"

Becky began hunting, turning lights on all over the house. When she finally found what had happened she was stunned.

An old-fashioned framed photograph of my late mother-in-law had fallen off the mantel. sits above my had fallen neatly on the very edge of a cardboard box and didn't break. Ditto the tiny saki cup that sits in front of it where I keep my wheat pennies.

Then we really started talking. How did it not break? Such a long fall! And why now? She passed away twelve years ago today. I hope she isn't mad at us....


lisa said...

Very nice post. Hope to see you today. Happy Birthday!

June said...

I've experienced things like that. It's spooky, but more . . . it just makes me wonder why it happened just at THAT MOMENT.

Anonymous said...

That's why I never rule out anything just because it isn't "scientific." I think there is much we many never know.

Rev. Paul said...

Happy birthday anyway!

Cathy said...

Happy happy Birthday,my friend!

I try in vain not to believe in the paranormal.

I so want to believe that the world can be explained by science . . that our senses see and record everything we need to know of life.

And then things like this shake that confidence.

It's so big.

I'm sure she just 'dropped in' to let you know that she's smiling over you.

Just amazing.

threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks for a great day

June, there have been other things....lots of them really since we have lived in this old and storied house.

Rev. Paul, thanks, had a great one

Cathy, I truly hope she is. She was amazing.

Terry and Linda said...

Happy Birthday, my Friend! I guess she wanted you to know that she also was wishing you a great day!