Friday, July 05, 2013

May Have Been

The best birthday ever. Perhaps rivaled by my 13th, when the folks took me to spend the holiday at an antique show in an artist's colony in Woodstock. Spent that one meeting a lot of people who were WAY beyond the ken of a small town country kid, wandering through artist's supply shops and galleries, and visiting the cemetery to look for family names for mom. They just turned me loose to wander. That was pretty awesome too.

This year we had family. We had food, home-made pulled pork and barbecued chicken done in Matt and Lisa's big barbecue. We had good weather, fun, banana and applesauce cake (go mom!) and terrific music in the car on the way home. Mom and dad called my cell while I was in the barn milking and serenaded me with Happy Birthday, and my older brother left a veritable symphony thereof on the house phone. Then at night Matt brought us down some hay, which will sure help with the stuck chopper situation.

No one could ask for more. Bill Gates didn't have a better birthday than I did.

So, thanks!


Woodswalker said...

So glad your special day was really grand. Here's wishing you many more happy birthdays.

A. Montgomery said...

I think we all had a remarkably wonderful day! The rain stopped for a minute!

Cathy said...

Family. So big. So beautiful.

I see your mom says the rain stopped for an entire minute. :)

Ericka said...

yay! so glad you had a great day! happy birthday, a bit late.

Anonymous said...

They really owe it to you to make a big fuss once a year. :)

Terry and Linda said...

Sometimes it is the most simple of things that really mean the most.

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!


threecollie said...

WW, thanks, it was a wonderful interlude in a not-so-delightful summer

Mama, it did! Now if it would just pack itself up and take a plane to Arizona and Colorado. Love you

Cathy, exactly. And that is about as long as it does stop. Racing the rain every single day and generally not winning very often

Ericka, Thanks!

Jan, they sure did it up right. lol

Linda, when it comes down to it, that is a really big truth, and thank you