Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Always Remember

I have never forgotten this young man, Carl DiFranco, whom we never knew in person, but who became important to us during Project 2996, when bloggers were asked to write tributes to the victims of the World Trade Center Attack.

Ever since the day of the attack, which came when we were in midst of some of the deepest and most disturbing family turmoil I can remember, trying to move up here, while still running the farm, sorting through the loss of the boss's beloved mother just before, I have found eerie connections to what happened. It may have been half a state away, but it was and remains all too close.

Over the past year or so, our boy has worked construction far under the site. He has spoken to us of the unsettling atmosphere down there, the sense of shared terror and loss far below the ground.

Though we are often encouraged to put the day behind us, to forget, forgive, move along, I will never forget. I still watch the sky. One of the planes involved in the attack detoured south right down the road from here. I will never forget the empty skies, the fear, the flags.

We should always remember.....and just for the record, I am so grateful that today our boy is home and not working under New York City.

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Cathy said...

Yes, we are forever changed.
And I remember that post about your boy and the discomforting echoes of the dead that haunted the workers.
I'd missed that fact about one of the planes coming close to you.
That is truly haunting.