Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

The squash garden gasped its last over night. The whole panorama below is the result of 10 zucchetta plants and one neck pumpkin...and the cows took out three of the zucchettas early in the year, so really there were only 7. 

To say that they spread would be an understatement. I think next year we will try to get them to grow on the fence. As it is vines tossed themselves willy nilly over weeds, up hill and down dale. Picking has been a bit of an adventure. Prickliest vines I ever saw or was clawed by.

I will miss them though. Although not normally a squash fan the boss loves these and I could saute a few small ones as often as I felt like it and he would enjoy the result.


Cathy said...

That's a squash patch !
Don't suppose you can make silage outta that ?

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely planting zucchettas (sp?) next year if i can find them. (Probably only one)

lisa said...

We did enjoy the ones that Liz brought us, thank you!

threecollie said...

Cathy, isn't it crazy! The frost revealed half a dozen whale-sized ones that we missed and a few babies that hadn't reached pickin' size yet, but we managed to eat or freeze most of what the patch produced. I don't think you can feed it to cows though. Too prickly.

Jan, If you have a good sturdy fence or trellis, that would be ideal. It was kind of hard to get into the patch to pick. They sure are good though. The boss is not a squash man...or at least he didn't used to be...and he was lamenting the end of the season.

Lisa, glad you did. I have a half dozen or so I need to process to freeze for zucchini bread. Going to start them in February in soda bottles next year to get an earlier start.