Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Excitment

Is happening somewhere else, which is fine with me. Finished up the old science experiments in the fridge yesterday, got it all cleaned up nice, and put the turkey in to thaw.

Got enough snow to track on Sunday, so the guys tracked, and got a doe. 

You do not want to be anywhere in the proximity of any man who has carried a deer for any distance. I work in a cow barn and am accustomed to a wide assortment of noxious odors but......

Deer is worse. Much worse. I was GLAD to go to the barn to get away from it. Glad I tell you.

I am dreading having to dig through all those layers of huntin' clothes to wash them. And checking the pockets. Ugh. Smells kind of like a rank billy goat in a closed barn on a hot day in July...

But I do like venison.

Been feeling sorry for those fool Carolina wrens. They come and hang around the bird feeder, all hunched up and cold, and feeling sorry for themselves, but they don't really eat sunflower seeds, which is what we feed. I dug through the cupboard for an old jar of peanut butter and put some of that out for them....I dunno....not looking like a nice winter for them.

Anyhoo, tis the season for Yak Trax, and rock salt, and every single layer of down, wool, and whatever else that can be found. Happy winter to ya.


Cathy said...

You call this " no excitement".

Excitement for me, is checking my own pockets for used tissue before tossing them in the wash.

You, my friend - are a hoot !

Terry and Linda said...



threecollie said...

Cathy, just another day in paradise. lol thanks

Linda, so he does and I just happened to be right there handy to open the gate for him. He thought it was pretty funny that I was taking his picture. lol