Monday, November 18, 2013

Wild Winds and Neighborhood Nonsense

We had some lashing horizontal rain last night and the wind howled for a while, but we missed the nightmare that hit the Midwestern States. Prayers to the folks out there, as they assess the damage and pick up the pieces. Seems terribly late in the year for such storms.

It was a real weird day here even if we missed the worst...cold in the morning, but by late afternoon it was downright hot. We milked cows in shirtsleeves, leaving layers and layers of jackets, vests, and sweatshirts festooned around the milkhouse, shaggy tributes to the cold.

Then around 3-ish, when our boy got up to drive to the big city to help with the rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, the wind went crazy. It was hard to sleep, thinking about him making that awful drive in all that wind and lashing rain, but he has to work. 

We told Liz to just stay home today. She has been sick with a really nasty cold, and is better off in bed.

No good news on Spotty. She wants to get up, but just doesn't. We move her around, keep her fed, watered and doctored, but things do not look good any more.

Not much of interest happening this time of year. The biggest excitement is crows mobbing the red-tailed hawk or a raven passing over the kitchen when I was doing the dishes. 

As you can see, the zombies truly are coming.....

I leave you with this story though. If I had to live where I could get sued and make the national news because I planted trees two feet in the wrong spot....if I had to give other people that much control over my life...I don't know what I would do, but it would certainly include moving and soon. People have some seriously messed up priorities these days. I dedicate the zombie grapes above to homeowners' associations everywhere.


Cathy said...

Love that dedication!
And Yes! I see the zombie in there!

As for your heart following your son . . oh, my friend . . . . . and our hearts are breaking with yours over Spotty.

Anonymous said...

The HOA's are the refuge of the neo-Nazis in so many places around here. I would not live there.

Terry and Linda said...

I could NOT stand living with a husband's family all adore their HOA...what does that say?


Ann Ward said...

I will never understand wanting to live in a place where others control what I plant in my yard.

Sending hugs for Spotty

Jeffro said...

Do you use hip lifters on downed cattle? Just curious.

Happyone said...

Oh I so agree with that last statement. We did live in such a place and are so happy to have moved to farm country in Garrett county in Western Maryland this past year. We don't live on a farm but there are many around us.

I so enjoy your blog!! : )

threecollie said...

Cathy, I don't think we are going to win with Spotty, but we simply cannot give up. Or at least not yet. That little cow is such a trier! She sees me coming with her water or feed and tries so very hard to get up.

Jan, it simply staggers me that people would voluntarily give up so much freedom in the name of uniformity. Dang!

Ann, thanks. It boggles my mind too...utterly.

Jeffro, we have used them in the past, but with only small success. In Spotty's case her back in injured in such a way that we think lifters would hurt her worse. Otherwise we can and sometimes do borrow a set from our vet. Sometimes they make a real difference.

Happyone, thanks! Town living is a nightmare to me, and the HOAs are even worse.