Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another Day

Wild Oregano

Chores are done. Finally. Usually I write in the morning before we go out, but today I had the Farm Side to finish, and the silent hours were golden.

Then came chores. Barn was flooded because Baja got loose and went over to fight with our biggest beef steer. Broke a water line. 

Milked, fed, bedded cows, carted six pails of water up the hill to Spotty, who is outside on grass now, so she isn't beating herself up on the concrete.

Boss set out to run both stable cleaners to get the water out of the barn. Small one broke. Chain link removal and adjustment and after a bit it was working again. Pipeline washed, all stables now clean. Bills paid for the day.

Next parts are needed for the water repair, and then that job has to be tackled. Not my department, thankfully.

Spent a good section of yesterday getting a decent fire going. Good thing because it was really cold last night. And there you have it. A list of excuses for not blogging much these days. Stay warm and enjoy the sunshine.


Terry and Linda said...

Boy, do I understand that list of excuses...broken any thing takes the extra out of any day!


Ann Ward said...

It's amazing you have any blogging time at all - farming doesn't seem to offer a lot of down time.

Cathy said...

That's no average 'list of excuses'.
Any one of those would'a had me on the floor for days.

And yes. Enjoy the sunshine. I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner. Delusional denial has its benefits.

Rev. Paul said...

What Cathy said. And my excuse for not blogging is that I simply don't have anything to say ... wow.

joated said...

Busy day!

My excuse for missing timeon the blog (besides the knees) is the 1000 miles I've driven since last Friday going to and from and to and fro--NJ and back--to Mom's house and back to clean out her stuff so we can put the house on the market.

ellie k said...

Do you cover spotty with a tarp or something on the cold nights? It is good that she can be outside and get fresh air. I feel so bad for her and you all, the loss is great for all of you.

Cathy Monroe said...

Wow, what a day. Now I know for sure that I could never have lived or worked on a farm. You do in a day what I do in a week.

threecollie said...

Linda, after the boss spent almost all day running for parts and doing repairs he found a second leak, caused by the same cow. Darn it.

Cathy, I am all for delusions if they help. I have a hefty set as well. lol

REv. Paul, really that is my excuse too. Except for whining about breakdowns I don't have much to talk about. It will be spring though in a while...maybe half a year. lol

Joated, i have been reading, and I am so sorry for all your recent losses. So sad....

ellie, yes, she is covered and I make sure to tuck her in good last thing at night.

Cathy, it can certainly be frustrating, especially when your plans did not include the breakdowns.