Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Read the Research Day

You know you just can't wait to find out what's happening in Ag today.

The governor's new task force

USDA addds yogurt to WIC

Proposed rule on importing beef from Brazil

Go comment on the rule here  Seriously, read about this issue and then take the time to comment. I did. The USDA has extended the public comment period and this is a golden opportunity to make your feelings known on a potentially devastating decision. 

Brazil is an endemic Foot and Mouth disease country. Should we allow uncooked meat from that nation to be imported here, potential economic damage could be staggering and possibly permanent.

Just as a refresher, Foot and Mouth can spread on the wind, wild animals can carry it from farm to farm, as can tires, clothing, and it can even be carried in the nasal passages of people who travel from an infected farm. imagine if the animals in a petting zoo were infected. We don't need Brazil's beef bad enough to let this rule be finalized.

More on FMD


Cathy said...

Well . . . it shows to go how uniformed most of us are . . .
I kinda thought FMD was like smallpox . . . not an issue.
Ewwwww . Carried in people's nasal passages.
Thumbs down on Brazilian beef !

ellie k said...

This is like this green disease that citrus trees are getting, it was brought in from another country. It is a small insect that travels in the air, on birds and other means. There is not an insecticide that will kill it, the only thing to do is push the tree out and burn, then start over and wait five or six years for the new grove to start producing a crop. People are so quick to import food products an farmers will pay the biggest price.

threecollie said...

Cathy, it is endemic in a lot of the world, and so horrifically contagious that we really need to guard our borders against it. Once here...well...they would have to kill a lot of cows over a very wide area if it ever gets a hold.

ellie, I have read about that. And you are so right. Another horror caused by careless importation of stuff that could often be easily grown or produced right here. Like the emerald ash borer. Asian long horned beetle. And so very many others.

ellie k said...

This green disease is not only in Florida but will hit all citrus in the U.S., in a few years we will see very little citrus that is not imported unless a spray is developed for this bug. Our son in law is pushing our about six thousand mature trees and the count keeps going up for him. We keep praying something will be developed to kill this before all his groves are gone. So sad and greed keeps letting these things come into our country.