Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Lights went Out Last Night

And dang! It was creepy for a minute there. We had just finished milking and I had run a short rinse through the pipeline before it got its main washing.

The boss and I were feeding out the round bales in the barn. Beck had gone to the house and Alan was off....with my flashlight....hunting rats in the heifer barn with his new air rifle. (Which by the way is one of the coolest guns I have ever shot. Ever. And I am here to tell you, as lame as I am these days, I hit the old cooler he was using for a target, dead center, first shot.)

A-a-a-and....the lights flickered and darkened. No moon. It was dark as a pocket in that barn and the boss had just stepped through the stanchion line with a great, big, core of a round bale for the pen heifers. I was kinda watching him, waiting to help fork it out.

Did I mention that it was dark? The barn is as familiar to us as any room in the house.
We spend a lot of time there after all. However, take away the light and it is an echoing alien canyon filled with big, rustling, beasts, into which you would rather not stumble.

Thankfully I had my trusty little phone, which gave a faint, but trusty little light. We clambered out to the milkhouse, and I texted our boy that I needed my flashlight. ASAP.

Then they flickered back on. We rushed to get back at our chores.

Out again.


And then on again.

We spanked through the rest of the chores, and hurried inside to celebrate National Pancake Day. You have to pick your holidays you know....and picking that one...well, yeah, it was good.


lisa said...

Kegan said that the power went out at the college due to someone hitting a pole.

Terry and Linda said...

I would hate to milk or clean up or feed without lights.

♬♬♬ Happy Saint Patrick’s Day ♬♬♬

Cathy said...

I get panicky if the lights go out while I'm safe in bed. And that's with 2 flashlights and a camp lantern within three feet. Can't imagine the nerves when those lights stuttered. (Love that you're good with a gun . . . get a picture of that up here!)

threecollie said...

Lisa, it was so DARK in that darned barn.

Linda, we were pretty darned glad to see them come back on

Cathy, it has happened before, but that was about the darkest I have ever seen. Oddly, despite wearing coke bottle glasses I could always shoot straight. Just one of those weird things.

The Milk Maid said...

At least it waited till you were done milking or wouldn't of that been a bigger pain. I hate when the lights start flickering when we are milking, I say just wait a little longer PLEASE!!