Thursday, June 19, 2014


Good things this week.

Our son took his lovely fiance hiking up Castle Rock last weekend. At the very top he picked me a pocket full of balsam fir tips. He knows how much I love the scent of firs.....
So I have them on the bookcase by the bed....the Adirondacks all night, every night.

And then there was his know what they say about apples and all....

He worked two long days for some friends, driving our skid steer while rock was picked. You would think it would have taken up all of his time just thinking about the work...anyone who has picked stone knows it's a job.

However, he found time to select one great, big, lovely rock and brought it home for me.

Gifts of the land..the very best kind. 


Terry and Linda said...

You and I must be twins...I love rocks! A gift of a stone anytime will make me happy. Forget diamonds I want a real rock.


Cathy said...

Just what LInda said!
Lucky Duckie :)
And how sweet is that . . .? That Alan would bring the Adirondacks to you?

jan said...

What Linda and Cathy said. Nothing from any store would have been more thoughtful and appreciated.

Uta said...

I too love rocks. Wherever we go I must bring a rock home. Small or larger as long as I can lift it. Nice to have a husband do it for you,no?

threecollie said...

Linda, exactly! I love my rocks...they give the flower beds so much structure and character!

Cathy, I was touched that he would even think of me while out on such a wonderful trip with his fiance.

Jan, nope, except maybe for

Uta, yes indeed! I could never get the great big ones home! Although I still pick up little ones all the time. lol