Thursday, January 08, 2015

A Bird on the Head

Summertime and the livin' was easy

Is worth two on the porch.

The Carolina Wrens seem to be enjoying the porch as much in winter as in summer. I hadn't seen them in a while, but night before last we heard the boss screaming when he went out to get the water taken care of.

"There's a bird on my head! Come get it off."

He went out wearing his big thick John Deere hat with the ear flaps and a bird landed on top, walked down to his neck, and started cruising around his ears.

Must have been the wren because they are in there every night now. In fact there is one there right now. They nested in Alan's old hard hat. Hopefully they don't have design's on the boss's winter hat.

Hatched and raised on the porch


Rev. Paul said...

Great pix & a funny story. :)

Cathy said...

No Way! Awwww . . . . little bugger is looking for a cozy place to hang out. Hilarious!

NumberWise said...

Yes, that's really funny! I hope the boss was amused, too.

Terry and Linda said...

I had to chuckle! The Boss didn't want to hurt the bird and the bird just wanted to have a nice warm hat for the winter.

You have your very own pet wrens!!!


June said...

If they do nest in the boss's hat, I hope they wait until it's off his head!

ellie k said...

That is funny, it had to be hard not to laugh.
We are having some cool weather for Florida, this fact might interest you. citrus can withstand cold weather down too about 27 for four or five hours, then they freeze solid, if you can get them picked and to the processing before the completely thaw they can be used for juice other wise they just hang and rot when they thaw. A lot of oranges are fed to cows and also a lot of culled green tomatoes go to cows. We have not had that cold of weather this year, thank God.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Too funny! I never knew that these wrens could be so tame.

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, I missed most of it being in the front room at the time, but got a good laugh when I heard the tale. Thanks

Cathy, they almost never are on the porch when I go out. Must be they like him. lol

NW, oh, he was. He has his own bag of bird feed that he feeds them some from every day.

Linda, must be the air conditioning is still on in the hard hat. lol

June, I don't think he wants to share. What with the fleece and the warm ear lappers and all. lol

Ellie, I hope your weather continues favorable to your fruit. We bought some locally grown grapefruit, tangelos and limes at the Walmart in Orange Park and have been enjoying them every day. Just wonderful. Back when dairying was still a reasonably doable thing we used to get citrus pulp mixed in the cow grain. The cows loved it!!! And the barn smelled so nice when we fed. Alas the last few years it got too expensive to do so. Didn't know they could eat tomatoes though. Thanks for the information you share with me. I love to learn and these are not things that are easy to find out from way up here in the North. Take care.

Jacqueline, I love them!! Such companionable birds. In warmer weather they hang right on the screen or the wire from the porch light and sing right into the kitchen.

ellie k said...

Strawberries are ripe now, and tomatoes. Our mango tree is full of bloom now but I think we will have some frost later and lose the fruit. They are very fragile.