Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday Stills.....Legs

Great Egret?, White Ibis?

American Avocets?

Cedar Key Beach with legs

Tame brown bird on one leg, Not a this, not a that, but certainly a something or other

Florida showed us lots of legs....and lots of birdy conundrums too. Just when you think you know the local move to a new local and know a lot fewer. So any Florida folks feel free to offer IDs or correct my mistakes.....thanks

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lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

Cathy said...

I love a good bird mystery and will be checking back for ID's.

Ed said...

Great shots! That first pic looks like one of each, the one with his head in the water has the curved beak of an Ibis..:-))

Terry and Linda said...

I love the levis on the sand one!


Anonymous said...

Great Egret, White Ibis, Avocets- yes!
Think the other sleeping bird is a Willet?
post next time you get down here and we'll help you find more cool birds.

threecollie said...

Lisa, it was the most fun I've had in years. I feel ten years younger.

Cathy, I am so grateful for those in the know!

Ed, thanks, I was pretty sure on those two, but the bottom one defied me and all my field guides.

Linda, my favorite boy, feet in the sand, thanks

Myamuhnative, I cannot thank you enough! I was pretty sure on the top three, but not confident on the bottom bird at all. Actually the first thing I looked up was a Willet, but there are so many brown birds I didn't trust myself. It was humbling to enter a whole new region and try to bird. Up here there are certainly many I don't know, but at least I know what family to look in. Warblers and vireos and fly catchers are a big challenge, but I know enough of them to narrow things down. The shore birds....we just don't have them. Oh, I have seen a snowy egret at the mall a couple of years ago. White morph blue herons now and then. But not the amazing variety you have. It was a great experience, but as I say, very humbling. We still have a grebe that needs to be narrowed down, a couple of smaller ones, probably some kind of sandpiper, but maybe not, and what may be a white morph great blue. Thanks so much for helping me with IDs!