Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Used to be I was the only one in the house who would eat it.

The volunteer plant by the back door was adequate to keep me happy, but I planted a little bed up in back anyhow. It somehow survived years of barely noticeable care......

Then Jade and Liz moved in. He liked it. She had always hated, it but when she was expecting Peggy it turned into one of the few things she could eat. So that made three.

Last night I picked and cooked a little batch. Becky took a taste and lo, another convert.

Good thing Jade found out from my uncle, who has always grown it, how to use the rototiller and lawn mower to rejuvenate that little patch I planted. He counted at least forty new spears popping up after I picked.

Will this little rock star like asparagus too? Only time will tell

Good thing we have lots of butter.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

So cute!

joated said...

Miss Peggy is certainly rocking those shades!

threecollie said...

Nita, she is the funniest little doll baby

Joated, wish I had taken video..she was making this little come hither motion with her fingers. We were laughing uproariously and she was hamming it up for all she was worth. lol