Monday, May 11, 2015


I rarely dare wish for rain...except for it to fall on friends in distant states where it is always dry.

Over the past twenty odd years a local pattern has emerged wherein all too frequently it begins to rain sometime in late spring or early summer, and just never stops until the whole region is under flood watches and warnings for weeks on end. Crop work is impossible.

It is dangerous to wish for that. However it has been abnormally dry for several weeks. Wild fires have started all over the area, many of them caused by people who feel they are above the law and the burn bans, and things had kinda stopped growing.

We were watering garden every day, not a cheap deal with the amount we pay for our water. I finally began kind of carefully hoping for just a gentle overnight rain to get things growing.

Last night we got it and you should see the green we woke up to!

It is like a pirate's treasure box out there, with gold from the Gold Finches, rubies from the Cardinals, and miles of emerald in every field and roadside. No Oz glasses needed.

Alas, we are predicted to get some of the less welcome sort of rain this afternoon, with violent thunderstorms and heavy rains predicted.

Last night was nice though. 


jan said...

lovely description

Anonymous said...

Same up here in NE Minnesota last night, we had not had rain and very cold for the most part, with green trying to creep in slowly, but last night, it started to come in a nice easy flow and is still raining, and wow, the loons are calling on the lake outside my window , the blackbirds are so warbling as well, the ducks are in the yard here eating and the trees in the garden across are beginning to flower a bit...Oh how we miss color in the monochromatic of winter white..for nine months up here. THANKFUL for your rain, and asking storms to stay away !!lol blessings, Merri

Terry and Linda said...

Lovely! I love your lush green. I have lots of weeds..and live in fear we will be too wet this year or so dry and hot everything bakes into dust.


ellie k said...

We need rain so bad, the farmers are really hurting, they are only allowed to pump so many gallons of water a day. Citrus growers have the greening thing and now so dry, they are in bad ship.

threecollie said...

Jan, thanks! It is a lovely time of year

Merri, loons! How lovely!I only get to hear them camp week, but I love them. Thanks for your kind words.

Linda, the weeds are popping up here too, alas and too wet to hoe.

Ellie, ouch, I am so sorry to read that. Hope you get some reasonable rain and soon.