Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Been Farming too Long?

No doubt you've seen that cute little photo of two farm boys in overalls, "You been farming long?"

The little fellows have long since grown up, but the meme is iconic.

Sometimes I get to thinking that it is possible to have been farming too long though.

Like last night.

Things have not been going well recently. Our boy is horribly ill with tooth trouble and hundreds of miles from home. Jade's truck died an unwelcome death, leaving them scrambling for transportation. And on and on. As we all know, there's always something.

Thus last night when I heard a metallic trill as I sat at the kitchen table wishing that it was dark enough to call it a day and go to bed, I was horrified.

OMG, the fan on the refrigerator  freezer is dying too. I'm a farmer's wife. I know what machinery death sounds like.

Oh, no, oh, no.....

But wait! I've heard that sound before. I probably should have recognized it but it was so ridiculously loud that I couldn't believe it that it was animal rather than mineral in origin.

I went right outdoors to try to sneak up on the culprit. He was just a few feet off the ground in the Winesap apple tree that the boss's mom planted so long ago, but it was too dark to see him. I sure could hear him though.

Once I started paying attention I realized that he had plenty of buddies all over the fields, singing the same old song too. How wonderful to be moving slow enough to notice all the firsts of the year.

Boy, was I glad it wasn't the freezer though!


jan said...

Life is always one thing after the other, but I'm sure it is amplified on a farm.

A. Montgomery said...

Seems like you are never able to catch up. Keep trying! Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Hugs! I had one of those days yesterday, complete with the fact I was the only one home and had to deal with everything by myself. Although, I did have my granddaughter, I guess that was a blessing!


Cathy said...

So sorry about Alan. I don't like the 'terribly' ill part. Is he getting adequate medical care. Dang.
That gray tree frog business. Love them. We're hearing a few here in central Ohio. And I'm so glad it wasn't your freezer.

threecollie said...

Jan, we do have a certain number of things that can go wrong. lol

Mom, that is no lie. Love you

Linda, thanks, I saw that things didn't go well. Hope all is resolved and you are doing better now.

Cathy, he has had a very bad time, and yes he is getting care, but you wouldn't believe the hoops you have to go through to get dental care in NY. The state is so afraid of missing something that they make it almost impossible to just go to the dentist to get a tooth taken care of. I have been hurting for him...poor kid. Love the GTFs though!

Milk Production said...

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