Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ropin' and Wranglin' Eastern Style

Cue the Jaws music

For the past couple of years the area in front of the porch of the camp where we stay has been a fishing tackle Bermuda Triangle...a sink hole that ate hooks and lures and line like it was its job.

We figured that a big log had gotten shoved up in there by bad ice a few years back, but the water is deep and dark and cold, so we just fished off the corners or accepted that we were going to lose some gear.

Then, this year, there was a stick poking up through the water just a few feet off the porch. Mappy grabbed it from his kayak one day and discovered that it was attached to something much larger....our log! Guess the waters had moved it closer into shore over the wildness of the winter.

Then one day he got sick of looking at it and went after it with the big boat and some rope.

Although you really can't see it, as most of it, not unlike an iceberg, is under water, it was as long as the boat and pretty thick. That limb is just a little offshoot.....He towed it off somewhere and got rid of it.......

I am sure, although they won't know why, future porch anglers will lose a lot less tackle now.

And I know that I sure enjoyed having a few days wherein I could cast right straight off the porch and catch nice fish.

Really, it is MUCH larger than it looks.

On that note, just how spoiled are we? Good fishing without ever leaving the cabin....just step out on the porch, cast out a lure or worm, and plop down in a comfy deck chair. Life does NOT get any better than that. 

What the little ones see when they feed the duckes off the porch


A. Montgomery said...

You had a more exciting vacation than we imagined. Isn't that Mappy just the cat's meow?
Love you all

NumberWise said...

I thoroughly enjoy your camp posts and stories. I'm glad I got to see your camp, as I can visualize lots of what you talk about. Feeding ducks has got to be the best kids' pastime!

threecollie said...

Mom, we had a wonderful vacation. We almost always do. And Mappy is a wonderful guy and we love him dearly!

NW, I thought of you a lot while we were up there. Wish you liked to come up more because I would surely nag and nag. lol. We had a great time.