Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Brace yourselves for more puppy posts. Sorry, but I'm in love, and you know how that goes. This little dog has the whole family utterly charmed. He is sleeping on my toes right now, warming my feet and feeling secure. Puppytoes! He spent last night...and the night before...on the Boss's lap, wrapped up in his blankets. If you think farmers are tough guys and all hard and grumpy, just check out this duo.

It's a sweet deal for me- I get to play with a puppy all day and still sleep at night, while the little guy snuggles with his babysitter and both are utterly content.

Meanwhile, when I brought him in from his morning constitutional (he has a morning, second morning, three-hundredth morning, oops, oops, noon, second noon, oops, oops, tenth midnight....you get the idea, constitutionals.....thank God it's not winter)....anyhow, when I brought him in he ran and got Daisy's dish and banged it against my ankles, so yesterday wasn't an accident.

Alan bought him a puppy bed, but he likes sneakers better...and they are a perfect fit

Whenever Peggy sees him she hollers, "Dog, dog, dog," and blows him kisses. He seems to think she is pretty cool too. We are careful with their interactions, as they are both babies, but I think they will grow to be great friends. It is good to grow up with a puppy.It ain't bad being pretty old with a puppy either.


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Oh my, what an adorable bundle of love.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

No complaints about lots of puppy posts. Peggy and puppy posts keep them coming!

lisa said...

Yes, I sure know how you feel. I love our new puppy,(not so new anymore)! It is wonderful to have a puppy all except the TRAINING! Enjoy!

jan said...

If anyone complains about your puppy and toddler posts, let me know and I'll work them over.

Cathy said...

OK. I don't think I've ever seen a line-up of more adorable pictures.
If there were a contest - you'd take the best of show :)

Cathy said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! And I get let this go by.
What is happiness.
A TV remote and a sweet puppy. Both within easy reach.

Cathy said...

It's the antibiotic I'm on :)
Meant to say "I CAN'T let this go by."

ellie k said...

These pictures brought smiles to me, I love puppies and babies, together it is pure joy. You should paper train him so those cold winter nights coming up he can just go to his paper and you both stay warm.

threecollie said...

Tina, we are pretty fond of them both.. lol

Nita, I don't know how we managed without a puppy! Although I have to wait for someone to get up to babysit so I can take a shower.....

Lisa, he's a smart one, so it's fun, but it takes up pretty much every minute of the day.

Jan, thank you! I don't want to annoy folks, but they are both pretty hard to resist.

Cathy, thanks! I liked how the puppy was preventing him from changing channels and he just waited patiently until he woke up. Hope there is nothing serious wrong...take care, my friend!

Ellie, I think that is a great idea. He really wants to be housebroken and actually goes to the door to ask to go out already. However, he is so leaky that there are many accidents.