Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Clever round bale art at SotF

Behind the scenes at the Farm Side

White Holland House demolished

White Holland Turkeys

The monthly turkey market report

Minnesota Turkey Growers Assoc. on Avian Influenza affect on Thanksgiving.

New USDA plans for bird flu response

We took a ride around the area Sunday evening and were fascinated by the number of new Amish pasture turkey flocks. Lots of small, shaggy white turkeys all over the place. I wonder how they plan to market them.

Also, I was absurdly tickled to see that some of my Sundae on the Farm photos did make the Recorder yesterday. Although I love to take pictures and have a camera that is one of the delights of my life, I am utterly untrained, just a point and shoot kind of person. The paper has at least one spectacularly capable photographer and has had other wonderful talents in the past, so I was flattered to make the pages.....very cool.


lisa said...

I think you take some awesome pictures! We all have certain subjects that we photograph better than others.

Jan said...

Having given up trying to take pictures years ago, I am always in awe of your photos.

Terry and Linda said...

Very cool! I think you have a very good eye! That's what a photo is all about!


ellie k said...

When we lived in Ohio many years Ralston Purina had a turkey processing plant there, it has since closed. A lot of people raised turkeys for the plant. My husband worked there for a while driving truck, he could not eat turkey for a few years. Those farmers that invested heavely in housing and such did well while they were open and then the plant sold, they stopped processing turkeys, the farmers were stuck with Hugh buildings, a lot of them just sit and rotted away.

threecollie said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Jan, thanks, I need to grow some ambition and actually learn how to manage the settings for light and all....

Linda, thanks!

Ellie, you sure have done interesting things...I am always fascinated to read about them. thank you