Sunday, September 13, 2015

Teenie Little Super Guy

One of the prettiest places we have visited....and so quiet

Yesterday started well before dawn with a four-hour drive to Western NY. We breakfasted just after daybreak at a Cracker Barrel near Binghamton....who knew there were Cracker Barrels in NY?

Then we traveled through beautiful hills and quiet valleys dotted with small towns that clearly cater to farming and hunting. Feed stores, farm stores, grain elevators, sporting goods stores were everywhere, with small farms lined up out in the country. Despite impending rain and general gloom it was really nice land.

We turned into the hills upon a narrow, but scenic dirt road, and drove until we landed at a lovely little gem of a farm and kennel, where logging is done with 19-hand Belgians, American Fox Hounds are trained and used to hunt, and a few Jack Russell terriers are born to come home to places like Northview. 

We met the horses, all the dogs, and were licked and nibbled by many friendly dog mouths. Although Alan is a good friend of the man who raises and trains all these amazing animals, it was a first meeting for know those friends you just haven't met yet? It was like that with him and his lovely wife. We talked and talked and talked. Dogs, horses, construction, farming and much in common, so many good stories.

Then it was time to make the four-hour drive in reverse, this time with a teeny puppy in my lap.

He had already baptized both of us with a little nervous barfing....he sprinkled his new doggy bed a bit too, until we learned that when he wiggled and waggled and tried to get down, he need to GO. I'm sure we smelled just like him by the time we got home.

Daisy seems to like him, as does Peggy, although both seem a tiny bit jealous of all the attention folks seem to lavish upon him. 

He only woke me up to go out at 3 and 5, which I suppose wasn't too bad......although it felt pretty awful at the time. Now if we can find something he actually likes to eat. I can attest that he was full of dog food when we met him, as we both ended up wearing some of it, but so far he isn't crazy about anything we have here.

Anyhow, meet Mack. We tried on a least a hundred names over several weeks until one fit, but he answers to it already, so I guess he approves.

Demoing Daisy's toys already


joated said...

He's a real cute one! I'm sure he and Miss Peggy will enjoy growing up together. Just don't let Daisy lead him into trouble! Oh! Wait, he's a Jack Russell. Never mind, he'll make his own mischief! Enjoy.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

oh my goodness what a cutie!! Congratulations!

jan said...

Adorable. Your life will never be the same with a JRT in it, but you will never be sorry that Mack is part of Northview.

Rev. Paul said...

He's a cute one, all right. And will be at the head of any mischief that ensues from this point, on. :)

Anonymous said...

OH how darling he is.....and love how you smelled like him when he got home...baptism hey??? He is one lucky puppy for sure....happy happy...all of you. Love his name too...he looks like a MACK...hah ha blessings Merri

Terry and Linda said...

He is just darling! A perfect new addition to the farm at Northview!


A. Montgomery said...

Beautiful little dog. Your Dad always loved them. Those and springer spaniels. Love Mom

ellie k said...

just too cute

threecollie said...

Joated, he has everyone in the house wound right around his toe. lol

Jan, you are right about that for sure. I guess we needed more excitement around here. lol

Rev. Paul, yesterday he was afraid to leave my feet when we went outdoors. Now I am going to have to put a leash on him, as he is ready to explore! lol

Merri, thanks, lol, we went through a lot of names before one fit, but when it fits, it fits.

Linda, just in case we were has been a very long time since I have had my own personal puppy, although he is very fond of everyone else in the family too. Lots and lots of laps and indulgent hands to scratch his ears;

Mom, he is a handful, but we are used to doggies. I think he is going to be a lot of fun. Alan likes spaniels too and has been thinking about a Brittany, but he really isn't in a position to keep his own dog right now. He has fun with Mack though. Love you both!

Ellie, he knows it too. Hope you are doing okay....

threecollie said...

Nita, oops, I skipped you, sorry. Thanks, I am enjoying having a puppy around, especially since the guys kept him with them last night so I got some sleep. lol

ellie k said...

I am doing ok some times, others are just filled with tears and why God did you take him from me. We had just celebrated our 50th anniv. He kept saying I want to make it to 50 with you at least. He did.he was just 69 a young man in today's life. My kids have been great, of course my son had to go back to Dubai last week, my daughter is here but busy. There office girl at the farm quit without notice and left a mess with the books, daughter is trying to get them straight and the billing caught up, kids in school and run a house. my church is there for me and that really helps, prayer can be a big help. Thanks for asking.

threecollie said...

I think of you often, Ellie, can't even imagine how hard life must be just now. I wish you the best....69 is way too young. Mine will turn 67 in a couple of days and it IS young today. Take care.