Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Start your Day

The Jack Russell way. First thing in the morning, dismal, dark, and foggy. Massive dog fight in the center of the kitchen floor.


Snarling ball of fur!

Swirling, snapping, biting, yapping.

Over a single leaf of Romaine lettuce.

 Mack loves lettuce. He kills it first, then shreds, teds, chops, minces and dices. He could make his own infomercial for late night TV.

Then, when there is lettuce confetti from one end of the floor to the other, he eats every tidbit as if it was steak and gravy.

Daisy has no interest in lettuce whatsoever, being more inclined towards Milk Bones and cheese cubes....

Unless, of course, Mack has the lettuce. Then its allure increases exponentially.

Faster then a speeding camera

Fortunately an old 12-pound dog quarreling with a new, but still possessing only milk teeth, 10-pound dog, does not make for much of a dog fight.

I nudged them apart with my toe and went back to making coffee. 


Jan said...

I will be giggling over these images all day.

Jan said...

Comments are behaving strangely...

threecollie said...

Jan, he is a corker, but if smells the track of a rodent he is all business. I am having comment problems too.

Terry and Linda said...

You had me laughing and giggling OUT LOUD!!!

Tee Hee


Linda said...

Lettuce.? Should be un to have in the garden next season😋

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh, what a perfect description of dogginess! Founts of amusement they are. But sometimes not. My daughter's Bernese Mountain Dog loved corn cobs and had to have surgery to remove 14 cobs from his stomach. Lettuce, at least, is a bit more digestible.

threecollie said...

Linda, I'm glad. he is quite a pup!

Linda P, so far I haven't found anything he won't eat, edible or not. The lettuce is great because it keeps him busy for a while. lol

Jacqueline, thanks. That must have been terrible with the corn cobs! We used to let our Cracker Dogs eat corn off the cob, but they never wanted to eat the actual cobs. Thank goodness! Mack is a real garbage can and I fear dire consequences and watch him carefully. He's awful quick though.