Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lamb Jam

Despite grey on grey bands in the sky, blustery winds, and chilly drizzles, some signs of spring are sneaking up on us. Just a few though. While some folks whose blogs I visit have daffodils and snow drops, magnolias even, we must content ourselves with the garlic just nosing up out of the ground and shoots of this and that peeking out from under leaves and litter.

And lambs. We have lambs, which are much enhanced by a toddler's enjoyment of same. We have a few chickies left too, and Liz has an incubator full of eggs up at the great grandparents' house.

On the bird front, Goldfinches are changing just a bit, Song Sparrows abound. The Purple Finches look like flying raspberry ice cream cones. I feel so fortunate to host at least two pairs and sometimes three. I think they nest in the blue spruces out front, although I couldn't prove it.....but that's where they hang around in the summertime. I am ready though for some spring birds, beyond blackbirds and robins, to show up. 

 I held Peggy up to the big windows and pointed out a robin to her. She liked it! "Mine," she said. 

Sounded like a plan to me, "All right, that one is yours......"

But then she said, "Pet, pet," and made stroking motions with her hands. Can't help her there.


Jan said...

What's cuter than spring lambs is a small child with spring lambs.

A. Montgomery said...

She is o much like her mother, except with her mother it was small goats. I will never forget Liz and our kids. How she loved petting and jumping with them. She is such a treasure. Love, Mom

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Cutest babies ever, although the lambs are second in comparison to Miss Peggy.

Cathy said...

AH! Jan beat me to it. Peggy is cuter than those lambs and that's saying quite a bit :)

Terry and Linda said...

That is just darling...a toddler and baby couldn't get much better!