Monday, March 28, 2016


Niagara Falls was full of tourists. Who'da thunk it? People visiting one of the great natural wonders of the world? Amazing.

I'd been there a couple of times before, but in really cruddy weather. Those times we only saw a few hardy souls, who braved the winds and cold to stand on the unprotected banks of the Niagara River and shiver. Saturday it was full of people speaking dozens of languages, with only a handful of Americans. It was kinda cool hearing the Quebecois visitors chattering half in French and half in English and being able to understand all of it....that high school French still comes in handy sometimes.

The falls are so different now than when we were on our honeymoon 30+years ago (on our way to a cow auction). Then there were just concrete reinforced banks and water. A lot of water. Now there are fences, parks, walkways, and people. Of course on Saturday the weather was great.

It all started with a visit to Bass Pro that wasn't. We had stopped at the Seneca Falls McDonald's and Alan said, "I don't really want to go to Bass Pro. It would be cheaper just to drive out to Niagara Falls. Wanna go?"

See, his impulse control in stores that sell objects that propel pointy bits of soft metal rapidly through the air is not the best. Hard to get out with his wallet intact. And Bass Pro fits that description.

So we went. I would not have recognized the place. Besides the lovely infrastructure, all was much quieter. The ground did not  shake even on the closest approaches to the water. I guess this is because of the many hydroelectric plants that divert water into power generation, but it was not loud and the ground did not tremble.

It was pretty though. The water was a beautiful deep green. The mist was glittering white and silver. The gulls were graceful. Very nice. I'm glad we went.



joated said...

Alan's reasoning is impeccable. His impulse control...not so much!
On the spur of the moment he decides to drive a couple hundred miles out to and back from Niagra Falls? On his day "home"? (Not that I blame him! I've done the same.)

I think he just wants to spend time with Mom. Making up for all those years the cows and critters kept you down on the farm. And that's great!

Cathy said...

Marianne . . you made me homesick for a place I've only been once. I've got to go back! And that's fascinating about the difference in noise and vibration. Wow. Incredible what mankind can harness and master. Wow.

Jan said...

It's been years since I was there but i was struck with the difference between the US side and the junky looking Canadian side. Has that improved?

Terry and Linda said...

It would be fun to see it, but tons and tons and tons of water shaking the ground sorta terrifies me...I even don't like our head scares me.


threecollie said...

Joated, lol, besides seeing all the good birds and hitting the good spots wild and tame, we do indeed solve all the problems of the world as we travel. And listen to good music too!

Cathy, you should go! It is a cold chills up your spine kind of place. I liked it!

Jan, it's the exact opposite now! The US side has the lovely park, but the buildings around it are older and a bit shabby around the edges. The Canadian side is all lovely, green glass-fronted, bright shiny buildings that look very nice without being distasteful. Alas, not having the proper ID....just ordinary NY driver's licenses, we did not visit that part. I guess you can get in all right, but coming home might not be as easy.

Linda, It's not so bad anymore, but I know what you mean. I didn't mind being there, because you are well protected by railings and all, but our own river, the Mohawk, tends to make me nervous if I stand too close to it. When you toss in a fishing lure and it is gone downriver in seconds....well, it makes you think. In fact I have nightmares about it.