Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Two Birthday

Princess Thistledown

In and among all the other excitement was Peggy's second birthday. She understands the whole present thing now and is a strong advocate of cake. In fact, she has been promised cake for breakfast this morning.

Even Uncle Alan liked it and he's no fan of cake

There is one piece is even tastier than it looks....and she earned it more or less. Story about THAT in the comments.

Anyhow, thanks to her other grandpeeps, her mommy and daddy, and her aunts and uncles on all sides of the family, she is well supplied with Paw Patrol stuff and toy horses and a new bike helmet and all. 

She got to experience the library in all its glory yesterday...went right to the shelves and started checking out all the books with animals...."Cow-cow. Pig, pig, pig. Cow-cow."

She knows what she likes!


threecollie said...

And now the story of why Peggy gets cake for breakfast. Understandably none of us has been sleeping well. Although Ralph is on the mend he is still in some pain, and has flashbacks when he sleeps. So does Jade who experienced some pretty awful stuff being among the first on the scene. However, everyone figured on getting some good sleep last night. Most of the early insurance interviews and those with the police investigator (one of the nicest people I have ever met) were over, and today looked like a more or less regular day. Alan found a nice used car so we are not stranded, which is a huge relief.

Then at shortly after three AM something woke me up. I could hear the boss yelling at somebody and Peggy's little feet thundering through the house. I staggered out of bed and down the stairs to find the house lit up from the east like the sun had come up right on the lawn. Turned out someone, somewhere, 315 area code, had called in a 911 and it led the officer to our yard. Only for some reason he never told the boss who he was. There was some heated discussion about what was going on before he left. I'm sure with all the terrible things that have been happening to our policemen, that he was nervous approaching a darkened house like ours is. I know with all that has been going on in our world, everyone inside the house was terrified at having some stranger out there in the yard with a great big light and not knowing what was going on. Jade was just getting up for work...he often goes in at 3. Liz thought the house was on fire and was racing to grab Peggy and get her out.

Becky heard the whole thing, as she is a night owl and was still up reading. She agrees that the officer never said that he was one, as she heard the whole thing....her room is right above where he stopped his car. What craziness.

No real harm was done, but by 4 AM I had most of my morning chores done, stove filled, dogs walked and fed etc. No more sleep for sure.

And poor Peggy who was frightened out of her wits was promised the last of her cake for breakfast if she would just go back to sleep for a while. I think she did, as all is quiet now. After all, it's darned good cake. And that is my story.

Cathy said...

OK. Enough. You dear folks deserve a break! I've got goose flesh just reading your account of this scene.
Be well, my friends. Spring is coming. Our winter nightmare is coming to an end.
I'm so glad you all have each other. That is even better than cake.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Oh my goodness, that's awful on top of everything else this past week. Lets hope for peace and quiet from now on out so the healing can proceed.

Peggy's hair is getting so long!

Jan said...

My life is so dull compared to most, but especially to yours.

threecollie said...

Cathy, it was sure a pain, even if somewhat understandable. Thanks for your kind words

Nita, never a dull moment! Thanks

Jan, I could use some dull....seriously.

Terry and Linda said...

What a horrid way to wake up!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW I hav enot been able to get your emails for months and come in on this one. I am so thankful to be able to get this to know you are all well. OH....yes, it is so blessed you all have each other!!!! That is the true blessing. And you have us out here too who love you all. So ...I am going ot re read this..then be very thankful for all of this..and YOU ALL!!!! safe and warm and with cake even!!! and darling baby!!! Love hewr name THISTLEDOWN...perfect. Love to you all----Merri

threecollie said...

LInda, it was nasty scary. Hope it never happens again.

Merri, thanks for all your kind words. Peggy's hair is so fine and light that it usually stands right up straight...thistledown. Take care.