Friday, April 29, 2016

The Mechanic

Oh, noes, the noisy lion toy is broken

I fix it, me

This smells like the right sized wrench

Yep, it is!
Peggy helps her daddy work on machines all the time, handing him tools....making off with tools....and obviously it has rubbed off. BTW, the noisy lion toy from Hell was not broken, but it could have been....many times over the past few days. 


A. Montgomery said...

She is so pretty in that ruffled pink shirt. She obviously takes after her mom, grandma and great grandma. Lover her to pieces. Mom

Jan said...

Multi talented...farmer, mechanic, carpenter and is that a stethoscope?

Terry and Linda said...

Some toys just have to dis---appear!!!


threecollie said...

Mom, she loves pink! We love her too. Such a fun little person. She is all in a tizzy about the foxes we are seeing. If she sees one...or something she thinks is one....she goes on and on for hours. And now there are chickies hatching in the dining room. Love you!

Jan, it is! She can diagnose the problem and then fix it. lol

Linda, yes, and there have been a number of that sort over her two short years. lol