Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Spanking Machine

A long, long time ago, when we lived in the house down in town, we enjoyed a nifty little workbench in the cellar. It was a big favorite of mine and I outfitted it with lots of tools and screws and nails and....stuff.

One fall the boss and I started some projects down there. They involved careful design and much effort in the building. Of course our eager offspring wanted to come down in the cellar to help....or at least to see what was up.

........there was an important holiday coming up......

So we told them that we were building a spanking machine.....

They drove us nuts all winter, but whenever we had a few minutes we sneaked down there to work on our projects....we even made little hay and straw bales out of sections of 2X4 painted green or yellow with pinkish orange strings. 

Come Christmas the girls got homemade barns for their toy horses and Alan got a machine shop for his tractors.

At one point Liz donated her original one to Mom's Morning Out nursery school, which the kids had attended. She and her dad built a new one to replace it...this one....which now is a favorite of another little girl.Liz just brought it downstairs for her today. The original barns were painted a bit more formally, but Liz did this one herself and she was just a little girl.

Peggy doesn't care.


Jan said...

I'm sure a lot of fun times will be spent there.

A. Montgomery said...

How wonderful that the barn still exists for Peggy.
Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Oh how cute! I'm so glad it Peggy gets to have the same barn!


threecollie said...

Jan, she loves it. She wants to drag it from room to room. lol

Mom, it is so nice to see a second generation using it. And we had so much fun building them and teasing the kids while we were doing so. Love you!

Linda, she sure is getting some use out of it.