Sunday, May 08, 2016


I have written many times over the nearly eleven years that this blog has existed about how amazing my mother is.....mostly because she truly is. She supported my dad in all he undertook, which meant that although we certainly didn't grow up rich, we grew up well-rounded. He was president of everything from the local Audubon Society to the mineral and carving clubs and of this region of Clan Montgomery too. She was right in there helping, and doing all that good stuff right along with him.....And those were just some of the official things they did. I was learning about how the Mohawks lived in this valley long before we were taught in school.

However Mom has undertaken so many exciting projects there wouldn't be room for them here. They square danced for a few years...she handmade all their fancy clothes. Made kilts....real, properly pleated and stitched kilts for the male Montgomery descendants and dad.....and set  us all up with Betty Crocker cookbooks when we left home. Both of my brothers are outstanding cooks BTW. She talked me through stuffing my first turkey...over the phone....and making Thanksgiving dinner is something I do very well to this day.

She even makes good split pea and ham soup and that is saying something.

However, perhaps one of the most unsung, and yet incredibly heroic, things she has done, is tolerate a rock and roll band that practiced in her house.

We took our show on the road after the first few years, but when we were in the trying to get to play at school dances, but not quite there yet, stage, she endured all of Creedence Clearwater Revival with a sprinkling of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin and other  truly atrocious music thrown in, played, pretty badly, in the confines of their tiny house. That's a mother!

Later, we graduated to playing those dances, and playing clubs, and even a wanna be biker bar in a small town named after its lake to the north of us. (Born to be Wild!) She was always supportive, and we were often called upon to play a little acoustic stuff at family gatherings. How lucky is that? She has always been kind and supportive to the people around her and they love her for it....

So Happy Mother's Day to my amazing mom, and to all those wonderful moms out there on their special day.


Cathy said...

Awwww . . .
This is so heart-warming.
Your mother surely is a great woman and she's passed along her strengths and talents to the next generations.
This is the first year that my siblings and I are motherless.
It's very, very big.
Happy Mother's Day to you and your dear mom!

A. Montgomery said...

Thank you daughter. That was very nice. I loved the posies you bought me, and the visit from our grandson too. The rhubarb and eggs were very welcome and I set right to it and made rhubarb strawberry pies. And guess what? They didn't boil over on the oven!
It was so good to visit with you two yesterday.
My life has been easy, because I love all the wonderful people I have been fortunate enough to meet.
Love, Mom
P. S. You forgot to mention building road in Canada on a mineral collecting trip!

threecollie said...

Cathy, she is a tough act to follow! So sorry about what you are dealing with. I hate to even imagine. Take care.

Mom, It was great fun to visit with you guys!! And I haven't heard the road-building story......Love you

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Now we know where you got your amazing gifts and grit! What a wonderful portrait of an incredible woman! What mom wouldn't love to be celebrated so?