Friday, October 28, 2016

Picking Pumpkins

I pick the one on the front of the sled!


lisa said...

That is a perfect picture!

Terry and Linda said...

That smile is delightful! All rosy cheeked and laughed out loud!


Cathy said...

Cutest pumpkin ever :)

Anonymous said...

Snow for it. We get it to up north of me. Happiness there is infections...thanks love Merri

ellie k said...

That will make a lot of pies. Cute picture, she has a happy look smile on her face.

threecollie said...

Lisa, thanks!

Linda, wish I had gotten out before they were down off the lawn. She was so cute!

Cathy, I concur.

Merri, I wasn't so fond, but it isn't the first time. I can remember getting all costumed up as a kid and then putting on about three layers of coats. lol

Ellie, I think they are going to carve it...sort of a late Halloween.