Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thunder in Autumn

Last night about bedtime I saw a news report from up west in NY. Lightning strikes at the rate of 200 in a short time!

By the time it got here a bit later it was impressive enough, but nothing like that. Prolly only 199 strikes for us. It was bright enough that when I stopped at the window on the stair landing I was blinded by a flash and had to stand for a bit until I could see again. It was such a humdinger of a storm that poor Peggy had to come upstairs for a hug.

Cape May lighthouse

This morning the Internet was all jumbled up and it took a while to get connected and get the Farm Side off to the paper. Was the UN or our trusty government messing with my connection or was it just the storm? Probably the latter, since I don't have much damaging information under my control.

This week's Farm Side is about a new ballot initiative in Massachusetts, which will ban a number of traditional animal confinement systems.

You can read about it here

And here

And here. Note the sources and amounts of money involved here. Who says you can't buy votes? Even if buying votes is technically illegal, you can buy advertising and sometimes that amounts to the same thing.

Meanwhile, it's foggy and warm and pretty quiet this morning, perhaps because of the fog.....have a good day as you go about your travels. With my writing job done for the week, I'm not sure how I'll spend the day, but no doubt there is something that needs doing.

Beach bling

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