Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Strange Story

The boss had to run up to Hand's yesterday for a new lead cord for the fencer and the skid steer heater.

I asked if he minded taking me down to the river to see the ducks and geese. Alan has been seeing Brants down there and I wanted to try to find them and get some pics. (No luck, alas.)

He is always willing for such adventures, so we checked out the birds, did his shopping (and I went inside the newly done over store to see the incredible Christmas display and all the new merchandise. I have always loved Hand's. Who would imagine that it could actually get better but it has.)

Then we took a little jaunt down to another favorite birding venue to see if there were any birds. I once saw a Long-tailed Duck there and a few other goodies over the years. Nothing yesterday though. However, the sunset was pretty and the ice on the water looked like hundreds of floating mirrors. And there were hundreds of crows going home...talk about a murder!

Anyhow, as we started down the little road we spotted a hunter in winter camo, carrying a rifle and other hunting equipment. Nothing too  odd about that....

Since there were no birds, we paused instead for sunset on snow photos....it is sure pretty down there.

As we started to leave a car and truck came barreling around the circle. The car pulled right up beside us and the driver, who seemed to be of the female persuasion, offered us a good view of the finger next to her ring finger through the windshield.

What the heck is this heckin' stuff? We weren't doing anything wrong. Although our car was momentarily blocking the road, we were moving, having finished with our errands and wanting to get home.. And anyhow, as soon as we were out of the way she spun around and joined the hunter guy in the truck in parking down there.

But for the finger, I would have thought nothing of the whole encounter. Lots of people meet up down there for no doubt many interesting reasons. But that was just weird.



Terry and Linda said...

That is just plain RUDE! I don't get why anyone even has to do that. I had a truck pass me on the interstate and he gave me the finger. For what I don't know.



threecollie said...

Linda, I couldn't understand the why of it....what the heck were they doing that us being there upset them so much. Nothing good I'll bet!