Saturday, December 03, 2016

I was Never One

Biscuit required to get him to be still for a moment
To dress up dollies, or even to play with them unless they could somehow be coaxed to ride plastic horses or sit in toy cars that we ran down the tilted side rail of an old bed in order to crash them better.....(Barbie had it tough at our house)....

Undaunted, he eats the stove for dessert

Now I find myself dressing a DOG!!!

But is cold and he shivers so. And he loves his new jacket that Becky bought him.

And speaking of girls who play with toy turn up your sound to hear the training instructions.


joated said...

"Good girl!" She's a sweetie! Getting big, too!

Jan said...

Two of my favorite internet characters in one post.

A. Montgomery said...

She looks and acts just like you did when you were little. Her brain is like a steel trap. She will run you a merry race. Loved the pictures of Matt and Alan. I guess he wore Matt out. Love that grin. Love that fine blonde hair on the little one! Love you all. Mom

Cathy said...

This post was a real smile-bringer. You're hilarious. And that video is adorable.

threecollie said...

Joated, I can't usually get candid shots or video of her, but she was so engrossed in training her ponies and cows. lol

Jan, lol

Mom, I know just what you mean. Glad they got to do a hunt together, but it is a shame Matt didn't get a deer. Love you too.

Cathy, thank you.

Linda said...

She's a sweetie that's for sure. Dressing Miss Mia would be somewhat like dressing a wild cat.