Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Under the Winter

No, not sick. This is just an unpleasant time of year for me. I don't enjoy the holidays much....just call me hermit....and I hate the.....

Short days. Hideous weather. Ice and wind and ice and wind. Snow. Ick.

Uncle Alan got Peggy some Lincoln Logs and they had a lot of fun with them

The Schoharie was full of mirrors yesterday
However, there is beauty and fun and a toddler too.

Goodbye sun

And better days are coming, it says here in fine print.

Myriad Mallards


Jan said...

A little toddler would brighten up anyone's days, I miss those years.

Cathy said...

" . . .This is just an unpleasant time of year for me."


I just hang on.

You've got that darling little girl as replacement for the diminished sunlight :)

A. Montgomery said...

Daddy is feeling the pain too. He is looking forward to the days getting longer soon.
Love, Mom

Carol said...

I have the same sentiments as you concerning the time of year. I dislike short days, the cold and ice and snow. I love the outdoors but am afraid of falling with the ice. Holidays don't thrill me but a young child makes them fun. I wish that I loved the holidays as much as some people do. I enjoy your posts.

threecollie said...

Jan, she does, although there are those meltdown days when life gets a little gritty. She is a good kid though

Cathy, for some reason it is really nailing me this year. My best friend went off to hospital and I have no way to contact anyone to see how she is doing. It nags at the back of my mind day and night...and parties and all that. They are very hard to cope with. Along about this time of year every year I wonder why on earth we live where the weather is bad more than half the year.....Do hang in there. I am happy to know you are there...sharing the good and the miserable.

Mom, I feel so sad for dad and all he is dealing with and this miserable time of year as well. Love you too!

Carol, I am with you on the falling thing. My knee has finally gotten pretty much better and I am downright scared of re injuring it. With you on the holidays too. I do not do them well. Thanks for your kind words.