Thursday, February 16, 2017


It has come to my attention that it is Throwback Thursday. It is also relapse Thursday so please bear with me. 

Thinking about painting on ag bags and baleage to deter birds....

I hunted out some of the boss's old graffiti from back in the day........if you have time do so, go look at his art at that link. He was pretty funny....the stuff in those bags is chopped hay by the way. They are considerably lumpier than they are supposed to be. I don't remember just what was up that year but he was having problems with the bagger. Alas this is not his best art...those images are on the dead computer, which is away awaiting resuscitation. 

He used to use spray paint to mark the bags as to what field the forage inside came from and the date it was harvested and also to deter birds.

I think it helped. See, crows will pick open bags, maybe in search of corn kernels, mice that have drilled up into the bags from below, or just because it is fun to pick holes in big white bags. It becomes a never-ending job to patch the holes with bag tape, but in order to keep the fermented feed within fresh, air tightness must be maintained as much as possible. The whole mice thing isn't much help with that either. It's a place where coyotes and foxes eating them up can be a help, except when they tear bags to get at them. I used to have rolls of bag tape all over the place.

Here is a story about painting on bags...from Ireland, but birds are birds and bags are bags.....

And here is a product intended to shield bags from such damage.

A bit more farm graffiti of a different sort if you are interested.

Remember this girl with this cow?


Terry and Linda said...

This was a fun post! I enjoyed it very much! Sure hope you get to feeling "WELL" soon!

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks!