Friday, April 21, 2017

Can you hide from Nap Time?

Somebody sure thinks so
"What are you doing, Peggy?"

"Hiding from the nap."


Jan said...

haven't we all done this?

A. Montgomery said...

Heck no Jan, I welcome any nap I can get! Love, Mom

ellie k said...

But we can get so grumpy with out that nap.

threecollie said...

Jan, I actually well remember trying to escape naps when I was probably about Peggy's age. The grownups out in the kitchen were doing things that were so much more interesting than lying in bed on a gorgeous summer afternoon. I'll bet my mama needed a break though. lol

Mama, same here nowadays, but I remember resisting mightily when we lived upstairs over Grandma and Grandpa Montgomery

Ellie it sure is true for both me and

Linda said...

Now that I'm OLD I can take a nap anywhere! TEE HEE Love that cutie!