Tuesday, May 02, 2017

An Important Discussion

I had occasion to sit in the truck with Peggy yesterday while her folks were busy getting hay and loading a garden tractor on the trailer. We talked of birds, her new toy camera, which takes real pictures, and a number of other important topics including lilacs and tulips and cows and her new birthday horse from Miss Amber.

We had a fine time.


Jan said...

And I'm sure you got quite an education.

A. Montgomery said...

She is such a love!

Denny Gross said...

What is it about being in a car makes kids so chatty? Maybe they realize there are no distractions from our attention. I treasure the hours long drives I took with my son to soccer games. He would talk the entire way, uninterrupted because his sister got left at home, about everything. I feel like those road trips were a big contribution to the closeness we have today as adults.

Cathy said...

It's so gratifying that we agree on the important things in life :)
And I think we can agree that Peggy is adorable !

Linda said...

Those are the best conversations!

threecollie said...

Jan, oh, yes, she is quite the story teller!

Mama, she is indeed a dear. So funny!

Denny, I still enjoy traveling with the kids and they are all well into their twenties. Used to love to get them singing in the car....they sing so much better than I do. lol

Cathy, she is such a person now!

Linda, they are. We had fun!