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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Winter has its rewards. We bought some second and third cutting alfalfa hay from an area dealer and it is of spectacular quality. It is a real pleasure to watch the cows grab a mouthful, and then chew it with as much enthusiasm as a kid with a jaw full of bubble gum. They only get three bales split among the lot of them, as they get other hay throughout the day. It is gone in minutes.
I like to stand at the end of the aisle and watch them eat each night before I go to the house. There is something deeply satisfying about the simple contentment of animals. They are not complicated creatures in their desires and pleasing them seems straightforward and somehow correct.

When all is done in the barn the scent of smoke from the woodstove as we walk across to the house is another joy. The men have brought in cherry and hickory for the fire today. In the sharp, cold night air it smells like the pipe of a favorite grandfather or something good cooking in the kitchen. It speaks clearly of home and hearth and comfort in a cold season.

Inside the house Liz is treating us to a New Year’s Eve dinner that is a rich delight. It smells as good as the woodsmoke in the yard. She spent the day baking cream cheese brownies and herb filled bread. Then since her dad gave her a break from evening milking, she made lasagna with sausage from our pigs, ground beef from the last angus we raised, and four kinds of cheese. Along with a fresh salad it will make quite a meal. I guess we don’t have much to complain about today do we?

I wish a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve to all tonight. Everyone knows the rules, if you drink don't drive; if you drive, don't drink. Now we can all hope that everyone follows them. For us, sitting at home with a half-hearted argument over Giant's football vs. PBR rodeo is enough excitement for the five of us. It is Liz's day for the remote so I am betting on rodeo. If anyone sees midnight I will be surprised, although anything is possible. Me, I have a whole pile of good books and tomorrow morning off. Ahhh....


Wil said...

A great lil blog and I'll be sure to visit more often in future. I must confess to a love of upstate New York. Baby brother went to college over to SUNY-Alfred for the ceramics program and I used to love to visit -- very different from the flat land swamp I live in - what marvelous soils you have over there!

Thanks for stopping by the Daily Snooze>, I do appreciate it.

Deanna said...

I vote PBR!

Matt Bohon and Jake McIntyre are my favorites (although Travis Briscoe is a close third, especially since Jake has been out all year).

Of course this post is from last season (pre-Travis), but still...