Monday, January 03, 2011

It was Embarrassing

Corn bread and chuck roast from the steer

To watch Elvis the cat attack Nick, my good dog, and thoroughly school him, until he left his breakfast (which did not consist of the stuff pictured above) and ran and hid in his crate.....

First stalking him with glowing yellow beacon eyes.

Running at him like a puma.

Then buffeting him with giant paws, tipped with freshly-sharpened claws.

Cuff, cuff, cuff, until cowed and thoroughly policed, the poor guy ran for cover.

Danged devil cat. I should have named him Fluffy...then maybe he wouldn't have been so full of himself.

Poor gentleman dog, who knows the cats are off limits to him. I was THIS temped to say the magic words.

Get the kitty.


Dani said...

Poor Nick. It's tough being a dog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cats are evil. Ever see a dog play with it's food? :)

Teri Conroy said...

I know that temptation! You know he would if you said it, it's bite the tongue time.

Linda said...

Should have taught Elvis a lesson.

Jan said...

One of my dogs even rolls over on her back when bullied by the cat...beyond embarrassing.

CTG Ponies said...

Poor Nick but what a good boy!

Cathy said...

;-D ! Poor Nick.

There's a feral cat out back of our house now. I'm telling you . . . the look it gives me through the window as I watch it eating the leftovers I've pitched . . it's a little scary.

Ericka said...

@Cathy - omg, you're feeding it?!? next, you'll tell us that you haven't named it but you call "kitty, kitty" or whatever when you toss the food and then AND THEN it is yours forever.

lol. poor nick. lady, my german shepherd, used to load up on water at her bowl and then go slobber all over the cat when the cat got too uppity. it was hilarious - the cat would just be soaked to the skin.

and that looks yummy!

Cathy said...

@Ericka . .
I know, I know. It's realllly a problem for me.

I'm not feeding that dang cat, I'm trying for the possum that meanders around the backyard on days that hover around the freezing mark.

I hate pitching leftovers into the disposal. So, out onto the edge of the woods or on a bitterly cold day - just into the backyard. But there's that ugly bird-eating cat throwing me those dark stares . . . dang.

Still, I pity him. Yeah.
I'm hopeless.

threecollie said...

Dani, it is...he is such a good boy and deserves more respect.

JB, true and this cat seems to have an extra evil dimension. Basement cat personified!

Teri, it was right there on my

Linda, I darned near told the dog to have at it, but I was afraid the cat would rip him up

Jan, I can see where it might be lol

CTG, he is an old sweetie!

Cathy, we have a few around here too...they also get fed inadvertently, by-feeding so to speak.

Ericka, smart dog! I was testing, letting the two of them loose together, to see if Nick would behave. Didn't think the cat would get the upper paw.

Cathy, I hate to toss stuff too, but between the pets, the hens and the compost bin, not a problem.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Sometimes you just have to say it. O

Our cats drive the dogs crazy, first the tease then then the rub and then the chase. The cats have figured out to play dead and the dogs just mouth them and then give up.

Poor Nick, it's a heavy load dealing with cats!