Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jury Duty

Well, my number didn't pop out of the selection thingie, so I only got to spend three hours warm, comfy, and fascinated by watching the jury selection process before I came back home to our cozy little iceberg on the hill (it was fifty-two indoors here yesterday). I was very well impressed with the way the whole affair was run, by the kindness and clarity of the court officials in caring for potential jurors and explaining what would happen, and by how very interesting it all was. If I was retired I would go watch the whole trial.


Keith Wilson said...

I too was selected for jury duty - twice. The first time, I sat 4 hours, ate a cookie, then excused.

The second time, I was called to the court room (along with 30 others) and before I knew it, I was on the jury, the trial was starting, and it was a gang shooting. Gang members and family were in the court wearing red or blue. we were escorted everywhere by marshals. Lawyers and courts feak me out but it is the American system of justice that for the most part works.

DayPhoto said...

I seem to get my name drawn at least once a year...I hate it. Now my Husband (WHO LOVES THE WHOLE PROCESS) has only been called twice in the last four years. He is so dissappointed.


joated said...

I got the call last November, but here in PA we get to call the courthouse the night before to learn if we are needed or not. My duty was to take place the tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Made the phone call and was told that there were no trials scheduled for those days, thank-you-very-much.

Cathy said...

" . .by the kindness and clarity of the court officials in caring for potential jurors ..."

That is very reassuring. Reassuring that the coarsening of society has not penetrated the system that has to handle the effects of a somewhat fractured culture.

threecollie said...

Keith, it certainly isn't perfect, but it is the best we can do I guess. The first time I went I was quite intimidated. This time everything was clearly explained and people were very well treated, for which I was grateful. And it was warm, for which I was very grateful. lol

Linda, isn't that the way it goes? I wouldn't have minded being chosen, although my work would have suffered I suppose. It was all pretty interesting.

Joated, we have the same call-in system, but my number was pulled in that one so I had to report. I really didn't mind. It was interesting as all get out.

Cathy, I really hoped while I was there that it was genuine (and it seemed to be) and not fear of ongoing job cuts. At least it was comfortable and not a bit intimidating. And it helped that I was seated next to a pleasant young former 4-H compatriot of the kids and we got to catch up on the doings of two busy families.