Saturday, April 23, 2011

Music of Our Days

Woke up from good sleep to a cardinal.

Singing, seemingly two inches from my ear.

Felt like someone sliding a letter opener into my head. He must have been perched on a twig right next to the window.

Thought with all that singing it might be sunny.

Nope, rain through Friday.

At least.

This cold, wet, weather is setting crop planting back, right across the nation and messing with the commodities markets something fierce, or so I have heard. It is messing, in a quite literal sense of that word, with everything here. Lotsa mud. Lots.

Not only is getting on the land a distant dream, but just cleaning up is going slowly.

But back to music. After I wrote about my new song, my dear brother arrived on a mercy mission involving mom and dad's frozen food (which has been staying with us due to the death of their freezer, but now it can go home to their new one), with a CD full of songs he had burned for me. Then Jinglebob sent me three fantastic songs that he made.

I am awash in riches....just swimming in musical joy. Thanks!

And yesterday morning when we went out the daffodils were prostrate under the weight of a frost from night so cold it defied description. They were just getting pretty, the earliest ones a couple days in bloom

I despaired.

However, by the time we were done with morning chores they had pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and were shining their sunny faces right at us. Such a glorious resurrection seems particularly fitting to me just now.


lisa said...

I have to tell JB I want them also! We are going to help Mom and Dad fill that freezer too! You take care.

Cathy said...

Say! That cardinal's cousin was right outside MY window this morning :0)

Bless those daffodils. I remember a few lines form some poem:

"We lift like defiant daffodils,
trumpeting their dazzled faces,
into bright air.

We surge with remembered dew at daybreak.

We rise like pulsing dawn
tossing gold across the mountain crags,
across the vigilant robin’s eye,
blessing her song,
blessing her throbbing eggs."

Yes. Perfect flowers for this season of rebirth and resurrection.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed them!

Woodswalker said...

I join those resurrected daffodils to wish you a happy Easter.

Rev. Paul said...

Happy Easter, y'all.

Dani said...

Beautiful poem Cathy.

Linda said...

I love daffy's but can't grow them worth a darn....and too cheap to buy any. I'll have to give JB a shout for those songs too.

Ericka said...

i LOVE daffyodils!

today was a perfect day here. hope your turn comes soon!

threecollie said...

Lisa, they are really good!

Cathy, he was so loud... speaking of perfect, that poem fits the description. Very beautiful.

JB, I did and do very much. Put them right on the Little Niagara playlist which is the one I listen to most of the time

WW, thank you and a very happy Easter to you as well

Rev. Paul, Happy Easter to you too, thank you

Dani, wasn't it perfect

Linda, songs are can I share some daffs with you? I have dozens and dozens

Ericka, thanks, it is sure looking good at this point, all golden and sunny,