Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So of Course

On day two of out to pasture the cows were just awful. Several crawled under the gate to get into the barnyard, where the gate down to the road was open as it was tanker day. Then they ran around like loons rather than go back where they belong. I think it took me a hour to hang up one load of laundry because of chasing the fools.

The day was just one interruption after another, with silly cows, phone calls, and assorted other events keeping me hopping. I did get about half the Farm Side written.....

On the bright side the Baltimore orioles are back, as are the chimney swifts. We were just talking about putting oranges out for the orioles and not half an hour later I heard one and then another. Then while I was chasing rude show cows around the barn yard I saw a couple blazing across the sky. So lovely!

Hopefully over the next few days the cows will get the idea and start staying where they belong. At least Gracie came in the barn for morning milking quite nicely and barely bothered at all at night.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, spring! ;-)

June said...

An oriole woke me up yesterday, yelling from the top of the plum tree. What a nice way to wake up!
Time to put out the oranges.

joated said...

So you've got what, 50 or so cows that have been cooped up all winter and finally getting those first good days out in the open fields and sunshine; they're full of energy and curiosity; and you wonder why they like to see what's on the other side of the fence or through that next gate?

Think five-year olds. Think you could handle 50 of 'em...alone? After they've been cooped up for SIX MONTHS!? And suddenly fed all the sweets (fresh grass in the cows' case) they could want?

Here's hoping the novelty wears off...soon..before you go nuts chasing curious cavorting cows.

CTG Ponies said...

I hope the cows start doing what they are supposed to soon...

Linda said...

They're just feeling's finally spring after all;)

DayPhoto said...

I'm sure they were delighted and frisky to be able to RUUUUUUUNNNNNN!


threecollie said...

JB, I'm loving it!

June, they are such a delight! Like a fiery coal flying across the sky. I am so glad that they are back.

joated, yeah, I know, they are just like five-year olds. Heck, some of them ARE five year olds. lol

CTG, they were much better last night

Linda, all full of silly, you are right.

Linda B, true. It sure is nice to watch them slick up and shine.