Thursday, June 16, 2011


Years today. Sure hasn't been dull.

With the 4430 back on line the guys mowed hay and chopped some yesterday. Started feeding from the wagon as the pastures are getting shortish.

Zulu had a little one. It was too new to walk at milking so we left her out with it. They seemed pretty happy together and as she is old Zinnia's daughter I suspect she can hold off any coyotes that come snooping around. Pic was taken almost at dark, through the kitchen window.

We had big old thunder storms rolling over almost all day. Finally gave up on hanging out laundry and having the computer on. Oddly they were all flash and bang and almost no rain (which is just fine). Sure were huge, towering things though, and moved with a ponderous lack of speed. A very odd day as far as the weather went.

Pretty much days of same old same old. Milk the cows, do the chores, milk the cows, do the bookkeeping, milk the cows, chase the *&^%^^* chickens out of the garden. Milk the cows again.

Liz is complaining that I haven't mentioned that her Jersey, Snickers, also had a calf. She did. It is about the size of a fox terrier, honey brown with a few speckles. Jersey calves have such an overdose of cute and all.....they are absurdly like little toys, all jerky and fuzzy. So yeah, another Jersey...


June said...

I NEED a picture of the Jersey calf.
I NEED one!

June said...

And Happy Anniversary!

Jeff said...

Congrats! I hope you can find time to celebrate, you both deserve it!

Rev. Paul said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

The small brown thing is not a calf. It's a pygmy goat.
That is all.

Voice in Your Head

Paul said...

You should never use the word "jerky" when describing calves. Scares them to pieces! Happy anniversary.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary. Same old, same old is often the best of times.

threecollie said...

June, I will try, I promise. I will have to wait for a sunny day so we can take her outdoors, but I will try. And thanks for the good wishes

Jeff, thanks!

Rev. Paul, thank you

Becky yeah, if you say so, now about those towels

Paul good point! I didn't think of that

Linda, thank you...and of course you are right